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The Shaman’s Cave


Jim Wilson & Maud Séjournant

54 minutes of Medicine Songs to gather around a universal campfire.

This album was recorded a few years ago with Jim Wilson, of Choctow and Irish descent. Jim is a talented composer who sold hundreds of thousands of albums under the names of Little Wolf Band and Tulku.



This album creates a mysterious, yet poetic and sacred atmosphere. It takes us to the shamanic world: the world of the Amerindians, the ancestors, the cave paintings, the animals from the forests and the plains.

It is a tool for dreaming and to discover the wild universe we have within us. It allows us to alter our consciousness and discover our deep roots and unique allies.

List of songs and duration:

  1. Blessed Beauty Way prayer, Jim Wilson and Maud Séjournant : 0.0
  2. The Origin of Life song, Jim Wilson with Robert Boissière : 5.25
  3. The Tree of Life, Jim Wilson and Maud Séjournant : 11.50
  4. Dream song, Jim Wilson and the chorus of crickets: 17.10
  5. The Shamans’ cave, Jim Wilson and Maud Séjournant : 21.40
  6. The wolf run, Jim Wilson : 27.40
  7. Walk your talk, Jim Wilson and Maud Séjournant : 31.10
  8. Infinite sun, Jim Wilson, Robert Boissière and Maud Séjournant : 36.45
  9. Woman with the rainbow shield, Jim Wilson and Maud Séjournant : 43.35

10. Medicine Songs, Jim Wilson, Maud Séjournant and the chorus of crickets: 49.15

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