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We invite you to meet your Totem Animal with the help of an audio recording by Maud Séjournant.

A shamanic journey in two parts to help you establish a relationship with your Totem Animal.

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In the first part of the audio, I speak about the Amerindian tradition which encourages us to be in contact with our totem animal. You can then understand where this relationship comes from and how we all have a deep connection with the animal world. From La Fontaine Fables to our awareness today that we need to preserve all animal species, we are intimately linked to this world.

In the second part, I invite you to go on this shamanic journey which will allow you to meet your totem animal while following clear guidelines. You will be able to connect with this precious spirit which is our ally and communicates with us so often. As long as we know how to listen to it.

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“I would like to share my experience of the discovery of my totem animal. It truly was a pleasant and magical moment: the music and Maud’s voice immediately set the scene for me and almost from the start of the audio, the image of this new ally appeared to me and it was a big surprise. We could communicate and I now perceive it next to me. It is touching and I am happy. I would like to thank you for this experience.”


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