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Professional training: “The Path of the Eagle”

This intensive program is specifically designed for professionals who, in addition to their own personal development, want to support and guide others on a path of profound personal transformation. Our Professional Training Program is reserved exclusively for practicing psychotherapists, coaches, and other practitioners who work one-on-one or with groups in areas of personal development. It is required that those who enroll in the training program have already engaged in some deep inner work, therapy, and have a personal spiritual practice.

Participants will be accepted  after a preliminary interview with Jane Perry, Director of Training.

The program is designed to experientially teach participants how to integrate an ontological approach in working with others.

[Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of existence or Being-as-such.]

The Coaching of Being is to coaching what sustainable development is to the economy. Short-term amelioration of problems is not enough; authentic personal growth consists in acquiring and learning how to wield the tools of transformation for oneself on an ongoing basis.

Our approach to coaching focuses on first becoming aware that how we perceive ourselves, others and the world deeply impacts our life experiences, and secondly how to free ourselves of the old filters that do not serve us so that we experience life as directly and authentically as possible. When we are able to clearly identify the outmoded ways we “see” and think, we then have the power to break free of the past and make new choices that are aligned with the truth of the present. Indeed, is it effective to put a new coat of paint on a wall stained with mildew to which the paint cannot stick? In the same vein, in order to connect with the heart of one’s true self it is essential to move beyond limiting (and often damaging) personal conditioning acquired from some mixture of the influences of family, schooling, country, religion, race, culture, etc.

The Professional Training Program in The Coaching of Being is rigorous! 
It is delivered in three modules (or levels) of six months each for a total of 18 months of training. This program is designed for the person who wants to combine coaching and personal development with universal wisdom and spirituality. It is compatible with any spiritual practice, and focuses on freeing the individual through a systematic investigation and dismantling of superimposed worldviews and beliefs. Our approach supports research in the neuroplasticity of the brain. The role of attention and introspection has been revealed as essential to increase the creation of new neuronal connections and develop brain flexibility. We have found that this training extended over a significant period of time supports deep understanding and integration of the principles and practices taught along with ongoing application in daily life.



“Life is a journey, not a destination”, as says Jane who accompanied me throughout the Jaguar programI am going to use a metaphor, I chose as a means of journey the train “Circle of Life” for six months. Each month I discovered a new wagon, the work was to explore from top to the bottom. At the end of this work, I got to the front of the train that is to say in a locomotive. From a simple passenger I found myself again as a driver, liberated, I can explore new ways thanks to the inexhaustible fuel that Love is.” Frédéric

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I put now more lightness in my daily life by adding a little humor, but my discovery “key” of this teachingto see how ‘self-importance’ causes such havoc in life and especially in terms of a victim status! While without personal importance, from whatever happens nothing can really be seen as a personal matter and the status of victim disappears ….. and with itnumber of conflicts or disease. I also found a new confidence in me that emerges accompanied by a more assertive attitude and not systematically turned to seeking approval …….. which is a real change in me; almost every day I feel like just more oxygen is available to me !!!

You have opened me to the understanding that the world around me is not hostile; it seems to be that way only if so are my feelings, you helped me step by step to gain persperctive ….. . it was a breakthrough for me.The way I understand my new environment or new contacts confirm that my view has really changed.” Marie

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Professional Training of Coaching for Being is an exceptional program. This is not just a didactic training (even though it is full of information and lessons); it is first and foremost a very practical training, experiential, and personal. In this course we begin by experimenting directly for ourselves what we will eventually offer to others. I feel I am ontologically transformed (from the bottom of my being-into who and what I am) to become a true guide for others. The three modules of the program create a logical progression the transition from personal experience,to  theoretical knowledge and finally to practical application. I found the “virtual” delivery of the training (mail, telephone and Skype) great! Without sacrificing depth, you can participate in this training anywhere in the world if you have an ADSL Internet connection and landline phone connection. I can honestly say that this training has changed my life and what I offer my clients is now much richer and consistently leads me to experience significant changes. J.E

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