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Project Description

Coaching program: “Living in Abundance”

Exclusively for people who have completed the first 6-month module.

Today, do you wish to explore how you relate to money?

The goal of this program is to help you to clarify how you relate to money; whether you can’t get it, you can’t keep it, you can’t spend it, you are ashamed to be rich or poor, you seek to use money more in accordance to your values, etc. In this program, you will explore how you relate to this symbol of prosperity and abundance, and give meaning to your relationship with money. The goal is to help you use it in accordance with your deepest aspiration, ensuring that the physical, mental and emotional bodies are aligned in relation to the spiritual plane.


In this program we will address the following themes:

Explore our beliefs in relation to money

You will analyze your toughest beliefs about money in order to become conscious of the limits you impose on yourself and that prevent earning, keeping or spending.

Explore your relationship to abundance

You will examine what your relationship to abundance and prosperity is in order to sort out your survival strategies. You will address your life with a clearer idea of the direction to take, arising from your deepest aspirations and move from “earn my life” to “do what I love”. Thus you will use your time, talents and energy more efficiently.

Define your values

We identify the values ​​that serve as a reference and establish a code of conduct that underpin our choices and decisions, particularly in the financial domain.

Practice gratitude

You will see how to practice gratitude daily, in order to honor and more deeply appreciate what you already have.

Define goals linked to money

You will establish goals that will give a “meaning” to how you wish to use your money.

Establish strategies and steps

You will elaborate strategies and steps that will allow you to develop your skills and establish financial goals.


This program lasts 4 months and is coached by Anne Gestin (in charge of the program “Find your life’s mission” for Santa Fe Coaching) in direct relation with Maud Séjournant.

Contact:, stating the year of your Toltec wisdom training as well as the name of your teacher.

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