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Project Description


Spiritual traditions are no longer secret: all paths are now brought to light. Don Miguel Ruiz wrote his many books so that each of us can gain access to his spiritual tradition. Anyone involving themselves in this teaching benefits from the presence of all masters of the lineage leading to Don Miguel Ruiz. The only power acknowledged and communicated by this lineage is the power of Love.

Don Miguel’s teachings on the Four Agreements are formidable transformation tools that enable us to live with a pacifeful heart and the sense of gratitude for all that life offers. In this program we have witnessed their surprising efficiency and the energetic renewal that comes with them.

Why distance learning and not in direct contact?

You can do this program from your home with less expense than coming to Santa Fe and doing it here.

The tools we use are the phone and an exchange of emails supporting a program of monthly written work. A coach trained by Maud Séjournant guides you and will be your direct support during a period of six months. The coach will supervise the teachings during the program and will follow your progress. The richness of the exchanges can be extraordinary. Teachers are guides for those who are searching for the truth of who they are and the freedom of what they want to become.

The list of coaches with Santa Fe Coaching is available upon request.

Première partie du cursus du jaguar : La traque du jaguar

grouptorinconadarL’enseignement à distance du premier niveau est la fondation du processus de transformation personnelle qui mène à la réalisation de soi, à la liberté personnelle et à la manifestation concrète de ses rêves.

L’objectif de ce travail de 6 mois est de vous donner des outils qui sont des moyens de maîtriser votre propre transformation. Il n’est pas question de créer une dépendance ou une affiliation ni avec Don Miguel ni avec les enseignants. Au bout de ces six mois, vous êtes devenu autonome pour continuer seul et rencontrer en toute liberté ce que l’univers vous a réservé sur les chemins de votre vie. Ce qui est acquis, c’est un véritable art de vivre où chacun est responsable de la façon dont il vit les événements ; ayant le cœur pacifié et l’accès à ses émotions, croyances et réponses, il peut devenir maître de sa vie.

Program’s intention:

It is important to understand that this program’s intention is to question and eventually take apart the beliefs established by society in general (family, religion, social history, personal history, cultural myths, etc…) that prevent you from living a full and happy life. Many of these basic beliefs have deep roots and become habits and unconscious thoughts. This program will not be easy. It will not only demand from you a deep commitment and courage but also constant attention and the will to face your truth.

The heart of this program is a self-discovery process and integrating the wisdom of the ancient with the modern world. Each month, we will concentrate on one particular subject and you will have exercises to do in order to become aware of  your obsolete belief systems and progress on this path of freedom.

Program elements:

Each month this program will offer you:

1. Precise instructions to draft a written report and regular exercises to stay focused. This will require  about 10 minutes of work per day.

2. Personal phone conversations with a teacher. These calls will support your progress and resolve any issues of adapting the program to your needs.

3. One meeting each month in a group conference call (tele class) in order for you to work while being supported by the group’s energy.

4. Occasional email communications to provide more support, clarification and resolution of issues.

When can I get registered?

Dates for the next sessions are given in the calendar. It is important to reserve your place as soon as possible as each session only has space for a limited number of participants.

If you would like more information, a Santa Fe coaching teacher/coach will gladly answer your questions and interact with you in order to evaluate if this training is suitable for your evolution and your personality, or suggest other arrangements that may be more suitable to your personal situation.

Your growth process will not be over within these 6 months. Once established, the journey on the path of evolution and transformation is continued with joy and freedom.
To learn more, please contact us: voila@cercledevie.com

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