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Project Description

Second part of the jaguar curriculum: The Jaguar’s leap

Experience love in daily life

(Exclusively for people who have completed the first 6-month module.)

According to Don Miguel Ruiz’s dream, we have the capacity to experience heaven on earth; this means to be able to give unconditional love in our daily life. With the new agreements based on the love we have established with ourselves, our power is not necessarily to change the world around us but instead to change the way we respond to the world! Unconditional love is the fundamental experience and expression of who we are.

After more than a decade of experience, we realized that we can take the Toltec agreements to a whole new level. This program is not meant for beginners but for those who want to express unconditional love in their day-to-day lives. The intention is to increase your mastery of Attention, your mastery of Transformation, and acquire the tools that lead to personal freedom. This will enable you to stay in the awareness called ” the second attention”: that of the internal witness or observer, the one that skillfully distinguishes between reality and illusion.

This intensive program is co-hosted by Jane Perry, director of the Professional Training. The program lasts 3 months.

This intensive program consists of:

* 5 group classes of 90 minutes each, led by Jane

* 7 individual sessions of 50 minutes each, with either Jane

* Email exchange

Each group class will concentrate on one of the Five Toltec Agreements. The understanding and integration of each agreement will be in the context of our everyday practice.

You will have exercises to implement before and after the individual session. The possibility of exchange between participants outside classes and sessions will be encouraged.