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Project Description

Distance Learning

 “Finding Your Life’s Mission”

Exclusively reserved for those who have completed at least the 6-month apprenticeship program.

The first part of the learning has helped you to question your conditioning and to take back your personal power. We now offer you the possibility to put into action your new beliefs and to create new opportunities, more than what you could ever imagine. We invite you to put them into action. This learning is offered to you to manifest your destiny. The path that is opened before you is the “move into action.” It is in fact the crossing from a limited functioning level to another level of efficiency and realization. It is by this achievement that we can see the Master. It is time to polish your life’s work; this is what is asked of the Jaguars now. The world needs you at your peak with your gifts and unique inspiration. The time for power is Now!


During the program “The mastery of attention,” you may have detected in yourself some unproductive scenarios, some habits deeply anchored within, but without any relation to the real values of your actual life. Maybe you are asking yourself new questions: Is the life I am leading really making me happy? Am I on the right path? Is what I am doing meaningful?
Or maybe you already have an idea of projects you want to realize, but due to the enormity of accomplishing the task, you do not know where to start or what to do. Today you have no more obligations to continue to live with these limitations! You can custom build yourself a successful life according to your desires, ideals and dreams. Today you have the capacity to choose your answer, to use your imagination and your creativity to invent new scenarios which are more constructive, and better adapted to who you have become, and to give yourself the means to be more efficient to move into action.
The goal of the program “Moving into action” is to help you to find again what gives a meaning to your life, to build personal and professional projects in accordance to your deepest aspirations and to realize them with the appropriate means. Thus you will become your own creator!


In this program, you’ll address the following themes:

The inventory

You will proceed with an evaluation of your personal situation from your life course. A list will be made from which you will choose what you want to keep and what you want to see disappear from your present life. You will clarify your purpose, or life’s mission, that will give a “meaning” to your existence. With your life’s mission you will be able to address all of your life roles with a clearer idea of the path to take. You will more easily define your goals and use your time, talents and energy more efficiently.


Your values and code of conduct: You will identify your reference system of values and establish a code of conduct on which your choices and decisions will depend.
Your project: You will develop a personal project arising from your life’s mission and values; one you will begin to implement throughout this program.
Your project’s strategies and stages: You will elaborate strategies and steps which will permit you to implement your project and steer it in time.

Your resources and allies: you will identify resources and allies who will support you throughout the implementation of your project.
Your motivation: You will discover techniques to stay motivated despite the inherent risks in implementing any new project.



Pre-requisite: Attending the program “Mastery of attention” and spending 6 months between the 2 programs (in order to assimilate the content of the first program).

Teaching duration: 6 months.

Work rate: 2 individual coachings per month with the same facilitator + 1 monthly collective conference.

For more details, contact us and clearly state “Moving into action” in your email subject:

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