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Project Description

Don Miguel Ruiz

Born into a family of healers and raised in the Mexican countryside, Don Miguel Ruiz first studied to become a neurosurgeon. Following a Near Death Experience (NDE) during a serious car accident in the 1970s, he has rediscovered his roots in the Toltec tradition to which his grand-father belonged. Having himself become a Master of the Toltec wisdom, Don Miguel Ruiz has been conducting seminars in the USA for several decades. He has passed the power of this tradition on to his sons Don Jose and Don Miguel Jr. who continue to teach the Toltec wisdom. Don Miguel is the author of a series of books published by Editions Jouvence. His first book “The Four Agreements: A practical guide to Personal Freedom,” has been a bestseller in the US and now in Europe. For more information on Don Miguel Ruiz, please visit:


What is a Toltec exactly?

Don Miguel Ruiz: “Several thousand years ago, the Toltecs lived in the South of Mexico; they were known as ‘men and women of knowledge’”. They were not a nation or a race like the Aztecs or the Mayans. They were the guardians of spiritual knowledge and held a sacred position within society, similar to Tibet’s lamas. During the European conquest and in fear of religious persecution, Toltec Masters hid their teaching for thousands of years. Today, as a result of the more tolerant religious climate, Toltec wisdom is available again for those who are on a spiritual quest.

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Don Miguel Ruiz and Maud, Photo taken at Don Miguel’s home. December 2007.

Maud first had the privilege of meeting Don Miguel Ruiz in 1992, when he still lived in Santa Fe. Conscious of the formidable reach of his simple writings from the heart, she wished that the “tribe” she was from, the French, could benefit from it. She contacted the editor at Jouvence, who not only published “The 4 Agreements” as “Les 4 Accords Tolteques” in French but also Don Miguel’s subsequent works. She has been sharing the Toltec teaching by offering customized distance teaching sessions and by training other teachers.



Don Miguel Ruiz Interview: First part

Don Miguel Ruiz Interview: Second part

This is an audio interview of Don Miguel Ruiz, in English with a Spanish accent! Open your ears and in particular you heart.


You may ask yourself: is there a way to help integrate the Toltec wisdom?

The answer is yes.

Reading a book and understanding the principles intellectually is not enough, you must integrate them emotionally and psychologically into your daily life. For this, it is essential to have the watchful eye of a teacher/coach who can help you to become conscious of the present obstacles and of your personal limitations. A coach is not a guru but a guide.

Maud Séjournant helps you use your personal life experience in order to master the Toltec principles and create a deeper sense of freedom, joy and abundance. The goal is to guide you on this spiritual path, with the support of her experience, compassion and love. The purpose is to enable you to enjoy and give the best of yourself.

The work of this 6 month journey will provide you with all of the tools to master your own transformation. At the end of the journey you will be encouraged to continue alone and to meet, with complete freedom, what the universe has for you on the path of your life. What is acquired is a real art of living where you are responsible for the way you live your life with a big, open heart.

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