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We are an organization for coaching and training. We offer programs that teach you how to apply and benefit from the universal wisdom of ancient traditions in your personal and professional life.

Using varied approaches, including traditional one-on-one and long-distance (phone) coaching sessions, nature-based experiences, and group courses and seminars, these programs have been offered since 1998:

Home Practice

Distance learning at your home or office

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Workshops and Seminars

In France or the U.S.

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Around the World

In exquisite natural settings around the world

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Toltec Programs


“Throughout the training, I had the feeling of being guided and not directed. What I appreciated the most was the capacity that you have to open doors to exploring, as if it was nothing, and let the other cross the threshold if he wants or not. I felt a feeling of total freedom, without any judgment, which let me move forward at my own pace, according to my personal  choice compared to suggested exercises. I wish to praise your capacity to be happy with us for our discoveries when often we barely measure the depth. What patience! This allowed me to go further in my thinking. I appreciate your gentleness that was linked to an inner strength that has allowed me to re-center myself in my life’s path healthily, in complete freedom and integrity. I want to thank you for your so human teaching, your patience and listening skills. I hope that people who are searching themselves will meet you on the path because they can be sure to be in good hands.”

Stéphanie Chabot, business owner

Throughout this training, Maud has been my precious guide and given me the support I needed, always at the right time and without intrusion.  Thanks to her listening skills, she helped me to discover and draw from my own resources, allowing me to focus my energy and concentration in the right direction in order to realize my dreams. Maud was a real inspiration for me.”

Omar Obenaissais, consultant

You can do this program from your home with less expense than coming to Santa Fe and doing it here.
The tools we use are the phone and an exchange of emails supporting a program of monthly written work. A coach trained by Maud Séjournant guides you and will be your direct support during a period of six months.

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According to Don Miguel Ruiz’s dream, we have the capacity to experience heaven on earth; this means to be able to give unconditional love in our daily life. With the new agreements based on the love we have established with ourselves, our power is not necessarily to change the world around us but instead to change the way we respond to the world! Unconditional love is the fundamental experience and expression of who we are.

During the program “The mastery of attention,” you may have detected in yourself some unproductive scenarios, some habits deeply anchored within, but without any relation to the real values of your actual life. Maybe you are asking yourself new questions: Is the life I am leading really making me happy? Am I on the right path? Is what I am doing meaningful?
The goal of this program is to help you to clarify how you relate to money; whether you can’t get it, you can’t keep it, you can’t spend it, you are ashamed to be rich or poor, you seek to use money more in accordance to your values, etc. In this program, you will explore how you relate to this symbol of prosperity and abundance, and give meaning to your relationship with money. The goal is to help you use it in accordance with your deepest aspiration, ensuring that the physical, mental and emotional bodies are aligned in relation to the spiritual plane.

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